In Tune - Atlantic City

Mara Vitola enjoying a van top sunset.

Mara Vitola enjoying a van top sunset.

Mara Vitola is a well rounded free spirit if I ever saw one. She lives by adventure and takes each day as it comes with open arms. Her song choice for In Tune is Atlantic City by Bruce Springsteen.

"Honestly, the song just brings me back to snowy nights, bare feet and invisible dance partners. Buy the ticket and ride baaabay! Also, Bruce truly is the boss." - Mara

In Tune - The Lament of Eustace Srubb

Shemaine McDonald walking towards an abandoned shed outside Kamloops, BC.

Shemaine McDonald walking towards an abandoned shed outside Kamloops, BC.

If you have not heard this song, The Lament of Eustace Scrubb by The Oh Hello's, I am doing you a favour and telling you that you must. It is incredible. The song is progressive and enchanting. Lovers of folk music and anyone interested in harmonic vocals and tradional instruments will lose themselves in this track.

In Tune - Microlite

This week I chose Microlite by Trophy Wife. It has a sound that is all its own, mesmerizing and unique. I discovered its beautiful sound from a playlist my good friend Jenna gave me some years back. It began to play on my ipod as my family and I drove across Arizona while the sun was setting. Needless to say, I fell in love with it, and it will always take me back to Arizona sun sets.

In Tune - Afterglow

Sun Peaks Big Air competitors admiring the fireworks on New Years.

Sun Peaks Big Air competitors admiring the fireworks on New Years.

Afterglow by Wilkinson is the perfect song to get your spirits high. It is an upbeat drum and base track, it brings lights, sparks and fireworks to mind. Great to get the heart racing and a positive energy within you.

In Tune - Kaleidoscope

Since In Tune has just begun, I am still in the process of organizing people, photo shoots and other things among my already rather busy schedule. So I have decided that when I am behind on acquiring songs from individuals, I can post songs I find suiting to my images I have already taken. Thus still sharing music while continually aiming to inspire.

The song I chose for this week can not be any more suited to an image than this. Kaleidoscope by Geographer is a hauntingly beautiful song. It almost takes you into another world if you shut your eyes. Picturing memorizing kaleidoscopes perfectly in tune just becomes a given, they nailed it with the title choice. The moment I heard this track, i fell in love. I hope you do too.

In Tune - Work Remix

Ava Jade Murovec

Ava Jade Murovec

Ava chose Work Remix by A$AP Ferg as a song that stands out to her for In Tune. Ava loves her rap and hip hop, and if you're going to be seeing any rap shows she's someone you seriously need to bring along. This track reminds her of the weekend commutes to Big White during winter. It hyped us all up to begin a day of heavy riding with the speakers and bass blaring. There's no way anyone can't vibe to this track the second it starts on the slopes.

In Tune - Away From Me

Here is the first "In Tune" blog post. In Tune is a new project I have started, featuring portraits of people and a description of a song that has meant something to them. Whether it be a song that reminds them of that rainy day in 2005, a good summer, their old car, their sister, or it is simply catchy, every song has a "place" to someone. Music has always been an immense aspect of my life and my creative process. It intrigues me what music can mean to an individual, how it can be "in tune" with them. I intend to show that connection.

Shemaine Mcdonald

Shemaine Mcdonald

Shemaine chose Away From Me by CHINAH. The song immediately caught her attention upon hearing it for the first time. She often listens to it to find a calmer place and unwind. The song has a way of suiting Shemaine's character quite well I found, as we listened to it on repeat and discussed our current life events. It's a beautiful and relaxing song made up of soothing female vocals and enough melodic bass to make anyone happy.


I had the pleasure of putting together a rather mystical photo shoot before winter came creeping around the corner. I stumbled upon the location for it close by Savona, and was simply blown away by its beauty. I wanted to share the extravagant roots, branches, leaves, and over all natural charm with a hint of magic. I hope I succeeded.

More photos of this location will be posted soon!
Model is the lovely Emi Ohama.

Bedroom Walls

I spent a little bit of time a few weeks ago playing with some Photoshop techniques. An idea hit me like a hammer one night, and I wanted to see if I could execute that idea properly. I will be starting a few series of photos in hopes of applying for exhibition spaces in the near future to add to my CV. Aside from trying to get a full series, and in turn a solid body of work for these exhibitions... I am very excited to start taking on the project regardless. It will be a world touched by shapes and designs from nothing more than my hand-cut paper creations.

Lyrics are Redemption Song by Bob Marley.

Lyrics are Redemption Song by Bob Marley.

Here is another test shot from that day. Music is in my soul.

bedroom walls

Beauty Bee.

Yesterday I got to spend a few hours with a lovely friend of mine,  miss Bee Harvey. It was a fun shoot with a bit of experimenting, but needless to say I am very happy with the images! <3

Arizona Trip

Back in December I had the pleasure of visiting Arizona for the 3rd time. After a few issues with missing our plane, a lot of stress and some headaches, once we got there things were fantastic. Here are some shots I took on my adventures through the red deserts.